“Everybody can be great. Because anybody can serve."
- Martin Luther King Jr.

Gateway*, a public benefit corporation, provides an open platform that enables canvassers to effectively gather support for political and non-political campaigns through a system of apps and services.   Gateway is non-partisan and welcomes all voices – we do not favor any one political party, campaign, candidate, or policy.

Our goal is to create a healthy democratic process where legislators represent the interests of the people.  This goal stands in stark contrast to how modern democracies operate in which politicians cater to money-empowered special interests and enact policies that are often detrimental to the broader society.  Removing money from politics will lead to vast improvements in the quality of candidates as well as the resulting policies.

We began this journey after working beside campaign volunteers who, like us, realized that campaigns were unable to effectively harness the power of their volunteer staff.  After working through various iterations, we created the Gateway mobile app, which allows canvassers to self organize.

Our experience, as well as academic research, shows that door-to-door canvassing is the most effective way of gathering support for a candidate.  In fact, candidates at all levels of government can run and win with canvassers alone. Gateway is designed to facilitate that effort by providing a system that allows canvassers to make their own decisions, facilitates collaboration, and removes any unnecessary deterrents. 

Even after a campaign has ended, we empower canvassers by maintaining records of their efforts.  In doing so, we ensure that the elected representatives remain beholden to the canvassers that helped put them in office.  By achieving this level of accountability, we will fundamentally change democracy for the better.

Thank you for your interest in Gateway.  We hope that you join us on this very exciting journey.

 – Team Gateway

*Gateway Global Citizens, PBC is a Delaware public benefit corporation

© 2019 Gateway Global Citizens, PBC

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